Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Power of Camping


Many campouts are with a group of relatives, your best friends from school, or a big scout troop. 

And then there are those quiet ones, when you camp with only those closest to you. 

Or you're all alone.

This is when camping is a time to be unplugged. 

A time to travel far away from your ordinary world.

A time to be disconnected from your everyday routine.

A time to dream. 

On the ride there, walking a trail, casting along a stream. 

Pause to silently reflect on your world. 

Ask yourself questions.

Give yourself hours (or days) to find the answers. 

Dream BIG about your future.

Envision the life your want.

Sketch out ideas for change that will move you toward your goals.

Erase them, and try it again using a different perspective.

On the ride home, give yourself permission to make changes in your life.

Be at home with a revived spirit and renewed ambition. 

Believe in the power of camping. 

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