Friday, June 20, 2014

How To Camp In A Jucy at Yosemite - Part 2

Food, and it's storage b bear country, is critical.  Yes, we saw a HUGE brown  bear and boy was I glad that we wasn't having dinner out if the back if my Jucy!

At night, you'll need to store ALL of you food and smellables in the bear box , including your refrigerated items. We bought a small cooler and ice most days. Repurposing a six pack carrier worked well to easily move condiments back and forth from the van kitchen.   During the day, I used the dry sink to hold all of our picnic supplies. At night, it all went in a bag in the bear box. 

My final bear box tip is to put your smellables in an empty firewood box. People often leave them for the next person in the bear box with newspaper fire starter. The box is a goo way to gather your sunscreen, medications, shower items, etc and protects them from exploding food. We brought a 12 pack of pop up to the mountains and one of the seems broke. A minor mess since we had the box to protect our stuff. 

How To Camp In A Jucy at Yosemite - Part 1

Over the past seven days, the kids have counted 26 people or families that have stopped to ask us about the Jucy. Since there is so much interest, I thought we'd write a series of review. 

There are as many ways to camp as there are places to camp. If you are like us, we were a bit nervous about renting a Jucy camper van without seeing one, or even knowing someone who recommended it. Fear not, this is an awesome set-up. With a little advanced planning, you'll have a great family vacation. 

Sleep Warm
Warm campers sleep well all night and wake up happy the next day. The Jucy comes with bedding, but maybe not enough depending on the altitude you'll be staying at. For instance, it's the middle of June, and look at the low, morning temperatures: 

This morning I woke up at 8:00 and it was still cold at 55*.  Two hours later, the temperature had risen 30*, I kid you not, and I needed shorts.  We read someone else's review about the bedding and packed two red blankets that people pack for the plane, and two fleece sleeping bag liners for the kids. We also packed long sleeved pajamas/base layers to sleep in. Nathaniel did pack his summer, mummy sleeping bag because it's light (and he loves it), but I don't think he really needed it. With all the windows closed, we are quite warm and comfortable at 6,000 feet  upstairs, the penthouse stayed warm, too.  If it were earlier in the year, or higher altitude, a knit hat and gloves might be warrented.  

Finally, make sure you park in an area that is level, or with your head up hill. As this photo shows, we have our bed reversed from what the company shows in their photos.  During the day, we simply "jellyroll" everything and put it in the penthouse with the pillows and camp chairs while we are driving. 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Yosemite Or Bust

Our first night in the Jucy, we stayed at a campground called the 49ers. They were so friendly!  When we checked in, they pointed us toward the brat dinner.  No set cost, just a donation.  One gal said they've saved many a marriage with their Friday night cookout.  Later, a cowboy named Cricket entertained folks around the campfire with songs and stories. Everyone loved his original songs.  

The next morning, we walked next door to Columbia State Park. They have a gold mining town replica, and many costumed interpreters. We decide to ride the stage coach, and got robbed!!!  The pulled chicken BBQ and sasperillas were wonderful at the country restaurant, and we bought 5 hard candy sticks for a dollar at their grocery store. The blacksmith and tack shops are a must see, as well as the candle shop where the kids dipped candles for Father's Day. 

Jamestown was our last stop before heading to Yosemite. We missed the last train ride of the day, but saw the famous #3 steam engine ride the roundhouse and be put away for the evening.  This train has been in countless movies and TV shows over the years, and is still being used in films.  The guys really likes looking around at all of the equipment. 

Good Bye San Francisco, Hello Juicy

Before leaving the San Francisco area, we took some iconic photos of Lombard Street in bloom (ahhhhh) and the Golden Gate Bridge from Sterling Park. They were just beautiful!  I still can't get over the grade of the streets. I think my ankles now have muscles. 

Uncle Rob was a jem and drive us to the Juicy rental. Given all the other colorful murals we've seen on the outside of the rental RV's, we're pretty lucky.   We got the full tour of our nearly new van, and she even threw in some partial fuel tanks upon request. We stopped at a bakery outlet about two blocks away, and away we drive toward Yosemite. 

Monday, June 16, 2014

San Francisco with Uncle Rob

Uncle Rob wanted to get out of the house and show us around town. He drive us passed city hall, Twitter and alike, then we went to the Ferry Market. We had a wonderful lunch at their favorite restaurant, Crapevine. The last photos are on top of Twin Towers, where we could see both the Bay Bridge and the Goden Gate Bridge. Look at the tree in the background!

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